Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guest Post- Minecraft by Cheuk Yue

Minecraft is a game about surviving and adventure. You can have lots of fun but there is one thing you need to do first. Survive in this harsh world. If you keep dying on your first night then you have come to the right place! I’m going to teach you basic stuff about Minecraft you need to become a pro!

About Minecraft
Minecraft is a game where you basically try to survive. There are also these achievements to complete when you haven't got anything to do. There are these things out there called mods (or modifications) that changes or adds thing to the games. Minecraft is a type of game called a ‘sand box’ game. The creator of this game is Markus Alexej Persson or ‘Notch’. He made a company called Mojang which was specially made for updating and maintaining Minecraft. Unfortunately Notch is not developing the game any more.
Basic stuff
Here are all the things in Minecraft:

Here is the items tree in Minecraft

Here are all the blocks in Minecraft

From what I know these are all the mobs in Minecraft you should avoid:
·      Skeletons                         
·      Zombie
·      Slimes
·      Spiders
·      Cave spiders
·      Creeper

A guide on Minecraft

When you start out in Minecraft you start with nothing. Absolutely nothing. Now depending on where you start (or spawn) there should be some trees around you. If you can’t find any around you may need to walk around to find some. Once you find a tree approach it put your crosshair on one of the wood blocks. Left click on it to ‘mine’ the wood. Once you fully mine the wood a smaller version drops and you can collect it. When you collect it the item appears in your hot bar which is the bar where you can place blocks. When you mine your first wood blocks the tree above does not fall. Only a very few blocks in Minecraft obey the rules of gravity. 

Mine all the available wood from that tree. I suggest you mine all the wood from one or two more trees. Once you have enough wood open up your inventory. On the top left hand corner you have slots to put in your armour. Next to that is a representation of your character. You will notice that your character will follow where you mouse moves. On the top right hand corner there are these slots. Those slots are your basic crafting table. 

Now drag the wood into one of the slots and you will notice something in the output slot. You will notice that there is a number next to them. That’s how many there are in that slot. Now the output is wooden planks and you need them to craft basic things. Now drag all four of the wooden planks into the crafting table by right clicking. Now the output is a big crafting table.
 Now first we have to make a pickaxe. First make sticks like this

We make a pickaxe like this.

Make a house or dig a cave. Baddies spawn in the dark including your house if not lit! We usually light homes with torches.  Craft them like this:

(The black stuff is coal. To get coal just keep mining then you should find some)

You need a furnace. You really need one. To craft them: 

A furnace is like a crafting table. Here is it is interface:

That is about it. All you need to know about Minecraft to get you started! Good luck on what you plan next.

Useful Links:
For the Minecraft website
For more information
For forums go to
For a 2d version of the game
1.          Type into Google ‘mine blocks’
2.        Click on the first link    
3.        You’re now playing mine blocks

What is you favourite computer game?

Is there anything you can add?

What do you think about Minecraft?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Guest Post- AFL By Vishal

Australian Football League

Australia is full of sports, one my favourite sports is the Australian Football League or footy for short. There are 18 teams, they are: Western Bulldogs, Carlton, GWS, Brisbane lions, Adelaide crows, Port Adelaide, Essendon, Fremantle, West Coast Eagles, Geelong cats, Gold coast suns, Collingwood, Richmond, St. Kilda, Melbourne, North Melbourne, Hawthorn and Sydney swans. Every team has its own mascot and its own logo.

Here are all the team’s logos:

But what is A.F.L? Well it is where two teams verse each other to win so they can go up the ladder and in the grand final the top two teams in the ladder verse each other to win, that year’s premiership cup. The ball which is used in footy is an oval shaped ball with 4 sides and in one of the sides there are eight stiches holding the pumping end. The footy ground is shaped like an oval and the scores are scored as a goal or a point. For a goal you get 6 points and the goals are set up like the poles in the picture:

My favourite team is Collingwood and I believe that they are one of the best. My favourite Collingwood players are Alan Didak, Chris Tarrant and Darren Jolly.

There are only 18 players allowed on a footy oval and those positions are: Full back, Full forward, wing 1, wing 2, Centre half back, Centre half forward, Forward pocket 1, Forward pocket 2, Back pocket 1, Back pocket 2, Half forward flank 1, Half forward flank 2, Half back flank 1, Half back flank 2, Rover 1, Rover 2, Ruck man and Ruck rover. Here are all their positions in the oval:

Here is a little chart of what team everyone in my class goes for:

We are sorry if your team is not in the chart but these teams are all the teams that our class goes for.

Here is short Kahootz animation about what a real A.F.L match can look like:

What team do go for and why?

Do play football for a club?

How many ways can you kick a footy?

Blog Post By Vishal ACPS Grade 5/6