Virtual Exchange

Students in Grade 5/6 are participating in a Virtual Exchange Student Program.

Our class will host a student called Andrea from Paraguay and Andrea and her class will host Kyla from our grade.

We are looking forward to learning all about another school, country and their students.

This is our Google Map which will document Andrea's visit to our school.

View CAP Virtual Exchange- Andrea in a larger map

Andrea at Aitken Creek PS


  1. Dear Miss Spink
    I am very happy we are going to learn about Andrea and her school.

    I wonder how old she is and what is the highest grade in her school.

    From Monifah

  2. Dear Miss Spink,

    This is going to be exciting because we are sure nobody has heard of paraguay before in our class not even us,so this could be an very intresting program. We are very happy for Kyla to be our class host because she is a great role model for others and very responsible to everyone. We hope she enjoys it.

    Regards Chelsea and Fatat

  3. Dear Miss Spink,

    We enjoyed to make pictures of Andrea in our school and we learned to much things in that day.
    Do you like school Andrea?

    best wishes,
    From Adison and Duarte.

  4. Dear Miss Spink
    This is good that we are getting into this kind of thing at our school.

    Is it only grade 5/6 doing it Miss Spink?

    From Monifah and Sheree